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Junaid’s questioning style around my issues/challenges was hugely beneficial in analysing the situation and the way I saw it...
You are a coach who truly knows his stuff!...

Welcome to Get The Edge Coaching

Test Drive a NO COST Coaching Session with a Professional Life Coach


 As the founder of Get The Edge Coaching, I want to welcome you to this wonderful world of coaching.  I've taken action my entire life and it has truly served me in a powerful way.  This inspired me to create a coaching platform that is AFFORDABLE, easy to access, and inspires people to live incredible lives whilst at the same time empowering themselves to attain success in all they set out to achieve.   

With that in mind, I want to give you a taste of how I use an important tool called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in my Peak Performance coaching.  At Get The Edge Coaching, we literally help thousands of people achieve their goals and dreams everyday. Part of our mission at GTE Coaching, is to “Empower, Inspire and Motivate people to Success in every aspect of their life” 

Let me ask you a few questions?

  • Do You ever feel as though you have the potential and capability of  much more but never achieve your true potential?

  • Do You feel as though you need to perform at YOUR best but are not?

  • Do You feel as though you want to achieve something and its just not happening?

  • Do You feel as though you need to take your business/career to the next level?

  • Do You feel as that you could use some assistance to step up your life?

  • Do You feel as though you have no purpose and meaning in your life?

  • Do You feel unhappy and unsatisfied with some aspects of your life?

If you answered "Yes" to any one of the questions then help is right here. We will help you overcome your obstacles and challenges by empowering you with techniques and skills to live a much better and improved life. Think about this for a moment, if sports stars, politicians, businesses, executives, professionals and many others are all using Coaches to get them the results they want and need, then shouldn't you do the same, especially if the results are there?

You may be thinking how can I afford this? Will this really improve and change my life? Guess what, these are the very thoughts that get you into your old limiting beliefs and hold you back from achieving what you want. You may even think that its very expensive or is only for the elite. This is an INCORRECT ASSUMPTION AND PERCEPTION. I challenge these thoughts by asking you to TEST THE REALITY. What value would you give to having the ability to achieve all that you want to achieve? What would you do if you knew you could achieve anything and everything? So you see I assure you that its very affordable for you and that it would certainly make a huge difference to your world and improve your life for the better. We customise our plans to suit you and your needs because we have learnt that different people have different goals and different needs. We also structure it according to YOUR affordability as we are of the firm belief that finances should never hold you back from living the life you truly want and to achieving all that you want to achieve.

We will inspire you by removing limiting beliefs (like the belief of affordability) that just hold you back from living the life you know you truly deserve and can have. We will remove old negative conditioning and replace this with new success conditioning and motivation to perform at your peak in every aspect of your life giving you more success and happiness in your life.

So if you want to improve your

  • Career

  • Business

  • Relationships

  • Finances

  • Health

  • Life on the whole

or maybe you want to improve something specific in your life like

  • your communication

  • your confidence and self esteem

  • your study skills

  • your sales skills

  • your motivation

  • or anything that will make you successful.

We can help you achieve all of this faster using NLP coaching. So why not test drive a free session to see if coaching is for you and more importantly if we can work together to achieve all that you want to achieve.

We EMPOWER, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you by focusing on your thoughts, words and actions. You see your thoughts gives you Focus, your words give you Language and your actions give you Behaviour. We teach you how to become aware of your thoughts, words and actions. We help you with INSPIRING Thoughts that FOCUS you on SUCCESS. We use Motivating words to give you POSITIVE Language to Believe in your POTENTIAL and Empowering Actions that give you the results of SUCCESS. I walk you by the hand, step by step at your side to creating more success in every aspect of your life.  That's why your coaching is so important!  When we combine your coaching with PERSONAL POWER, magical things happen.  Depending on your goals, happiness and abundance in every way moves towards you.  Your mindset shifts to one of achievement and success. Relationships instantly improve; you suddenly have a purpose in life; your health improves; even your finances improve; you even seem to always get the BEST parking spots; you SMILE even more; Opportunities find you!  Wow!!! You suddenly take a positive outlook in life and that my friend is what we all are constantly seeking, SUCCESS with peace of mind.

But you know what happens more than anything else when we coach together?  You begin to INSTANTLY FEEL better and SEE things positively.  You are more happier, peaceful and more inspired than you've ever been in your life.  You begin to achieve even more and your life steps up. YOU SET NEW STANDARDS.

So, we want to give this feeling away to you.  It's an INVESTMENT in YOU, and there's no obligation. If you like how you feel afterwards and can see the results the coaching has produced then we can explore coaching, and if not, that's fine too.  I promise that the coaching will leave you lighter than you've felt in a long time.


If you have never been on coaching with me before, I STRONGLY encourage you to take a leap of faith and give coaching a shot, you will find that it will improve your life for the better and you achieve success much faster than you would attain on your own!

If you choose not to take up our NO Obligations test drive, then you will continue living life as you currently living and you will continue being totally unfulfilled, unhappy, unsatisfied, with no purpose, no direction and still wanting the life you want. Is this how YOU want to continue living your life? What do you have to lose? You can only gain with OUR NO COST test drive.

Join the growing number of people who are using Life Coaching to propel their lives to the next level....And live the life that you know you want and deserve!

Join us for YOUR Free trial session and see how you improve your life, your career, your relationships, your communications or your business taking everything to the next level.

If you are happy with our excellent Coaching offerings, then we will adapt and customise a coaching plan specifically for your needs. We have made our Life Coaching really affordable for people from all walks of life so that we have more people improving their lives and thus becoming a success. Different people have different goals. Our Coaching comes in 3 forms, being 1-on-1 Coaching, Telephonic Coaching and Online Coaching (email, skype, etc). We also offer a combination of these to suit your financial needs. Call us to STEP UP your life with our unique coaching.


Join the high number of people using AFFORDABLE NLP Based Life Coaching and training
that will step up your life/business to levels of more SUCCESS that you would only achieve with GTE coaching.

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What is Life Coaching? The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as: "Professional Coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives...
How does coaching work? Life coaching helps individuals do and be their best in every aspect of their lives...
What does it cost to have a Life Coach? Life coaching isn’t expensive as most people believe....










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