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Junaid’s questioning style around my issues/challenges was hugely beneficial in analysing the situation and the way I saw it...
You are a coach who truly knows his stuff!...

I have been fortunate enough to have known Junaid Bayat for almost my entire life, or at least for the past 22 years, and he has never failed to amaze me with his creative and positive attitude towards life. He has always been the envy of all of his peers, because there was nothing that he could not find a calm, structured and energetic way through. After being introduced to some of Junaid’s amazing techniques, I now understand why Junaid is surrounded by such positivity and happiness. He is an amazing coach and a great thinker around making you more successful, more important and even happier. He has shown me a different path and I am excitedly looking forward to the journey of my LIFE.

Muhammad Varachia – Regional Financial Manager

Junaid’s questioning style around my issues/challenges was hugely beneficial in analysing the situation and the way I saw it. This enabled me to clarify my behaviours and reactions to the situation, whilst at the same time giving insight into the root cause of these behaviours. Junaid’s usage of NLP has also given me huge insight as to the way the mind works and how we learnt things unconsciously over the years especially from past experiences and the things I heard. Junaid used his skills and techniques to help me overcome these and has brought me to where I am at this point and time. I still am being coached by Junaid and am looking forward to achieving lots more successes in my life. His professional approach to helping me get, where I had not expected to be, has amazed me with what Life Coaching can do for anyone. Junaid's advice in dealing with situations has been professionally sound and beneficial thus contributing to an overall improved sense of confidence, self esteem and control. His simple approach of planning, setting goals and taking action enables one to focus and following through on taking the required action.
Thank you Junaid, for giving me my true life back and for everything you have taught me. Without you I would never have achieved what I did in this transformation and am grateful for you touching my life the way you did. You have truly left footprints in my life and for that I will always remember you...

R.S. Ebrahim, 29, Financial Manager

You are a coach who truly knows his stuff!  You are a gift to others thank you for making a lasting impact In my life!

Catherine, 25, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

For a very long time I have been living my life blind folded. I always missed opportunities around me because all I focused on was my problems.
Thank you for helping me to let go of all my baggage which was keeping me from achieving my goals.
I now see the world in a different light and I have the confidence and strength to go out there and be the BEST person I can be in all aspects of my life.

Angela Freitas, 23, Web Designer

I just had to give you some feedback after our coaching session.
I don’t know how to describe it, but things in my life is just different.
All my issues and problems just seem to have disappeared.
I see clear and I think clear about my future visions.
I now see things in a different light.
Things are actually starting to happen and working out for me.
The money spend was truly worth it!
You are an amazing person, keep up the good work

Eugene van Dien, 42, Businessman

Thank you so much for the coaching session on Thursday. I have been ranting and raving about it all week to everyone and have recommended a cousin to see you. If it wasn’t for your patient coaching, NLP skills and your positive perspective on my seeing life differently, my marriage would never have survived! My previously fragile marriage has been completely transformed into one of deep understanding, love and commitment for the common goal of success.

M. Mohamed, 34, Teacher


Junaid Bayat did it for me and trust me he can do it for anybody...he's just awesome. I was somebody who had nothing going for me, abused physically, emotionally and verbally : that was my daily dose of "LOVE". A once bubbly, energetic, beautiful person, I became dull, boring, lethargic and an ever so ugly human being. I resented everybody and everything in life and really did not feel like going on. Until Junaid Bayat came along and turned my life around. He helped me regain my confidence, showed me that I am not what I thought I was and made me see and appreciate that I'm beautiful as I am gods creation and unique in my own way. During my Life Coaching sessions with Junaid, I've learnt how to handle any situation without blowing my top off...something I never thought would be possible as almost my entire adult life, I would scream whenever there's a confrontation or whenever nobody hears me out. I am proud to say that I am now calmer, carefree, happy go lucky whose giving it my all to get my business up and running, which incidentally was setup and ready for business but just didn't happen. My salon stood beautiful but just did not get off the ground as my self esteem was at an all time low due to my abuse. I just didn't have the passion anymore to get it going or do anything. I gave up my dreams and my life. Today I'm proud to say "I'm doing it and I have done it. YES!!!"  Thank You Junaid, you are a life saver and the best Life Coach anybody could ask for.

Mariam Limbada, 33, Entrepreneur


WOW. That is what I can say about Junaid and his Business Coaching. He implemented change from within me and has turned my work from home business into a thriving business that now has a monthly turnover of almost R200 000. Yes I was my very own enemy with my limiting beliefs and fears. Junaid made me see things in a different way, which led me out of my comfort zone and has made me soar to heights I never believed possible. If someone were to ask me a year ago if what I have now achieved was possible, I would probable have laughed them on the face. This is what my Life and Business Coaching journey has led me to. Thanks Junaid for bringing out the best in me and helping me perform where I should be performing. I now plan to go even bigger and explore the ideas that we have played with.

N. Razak, 28, Businessman

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